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Donations help sustain our various programs.

Your donations are partly used to support vulnerable pregnant mothers with starter kits. This kit includes all the necessary items for babies and mothers who are in desperate need.

With your contributions we are enabled to render sustainable services as indicated in the table, listing our other expenditures.

Help us raise approximately R 273 448 per year
Day Care Programme R 79 000/year
Entrepreneurial Development R 48 000/year
Computer skills training R 26 448.00/year
Starter kit for pregnant mothers R 120 000/year
Maintenance at Magdalena home R?

Our immediate needs:

  • URGENT: a 16 seater vehicle
  • Baby clothes 0-18 months
  • Plastic holders for baby clothes
  • Outdoor paint, for walls and roof of the centre
  • Shade net for vehicles
  • Signage for the centre

How we utilise donations:

Day Program

Financial challenges:

  • To provide free transport to and from the facility, Monday – Friday, within the Northern metro district.
  • To provide the pregnant girls/ women, with at least 2 healthy meals per day.
  • To provide medical tests and services, including HIV testing of babies for adoption.

Fuel Cost:  R36 000 yearly

Food Cost : R28 000  yearly

Medical Cost: R15 000  yearly        

Entrepreneurial Development

Our immediate needs:

One of the aims of the program is to provide the girls/ women with the ability to earn their own income. We require a variety of materials, including:

  • Wool, knitting needles and crochet needles
  • Vegetable seeds/ plants and fertiliser for our gardening classes
  • Fabric, material, foam and stuffing for the making of their own baby beds
  • A variety of ingredients for our cooking and baking classes
  • Crafting materials such as paper, paint, wire, beads, etc. for craft classes

Cost: R48 000 yearly (R800 pp)

Computer Skills Training

We need of a computer room.

We require 4+ computers, as well as the setup of a fully functional computer room. We have volunteers who are willing to teach the pregnant girl/ women in our program, various computer skills, which will benefit them greatly when they start looking for work. 

Cost: R26 448

Starter Kits for Pregnant Mothers

We would like to provide a Starter Kit to every programme attendee 

We need monetary donations or donations of the items listed below to enable us to provide each girl/woman with such a starter kit.

1.1 Baby kit includes:

  • baby bag, baby clothing (baby grows, vests, mittens, booties, etc.)
  • baby- bottles and dummies
  • baby- cream, powder, wipes and shampoo/wash
  • baby blankets
  • new born nappies

1.2 Mothers to be hospital kit includes:

  • pyjamas, gown and slippers for hospital
  • maternity sanitary pads (for use after birth)
  • toilet bag with soap, roll on, face cloth, toothpaste and brush

Cost:  R 120 000 yearly (R 2 000-00 per mum and baby)

Maintenance of Magdalenahome

Due to a lack of funds, our facility now urgently requires maintenance. 

Our priority is always to distribute funding first to the vulnerable pregnant girls/ women and babies. Therefore, there is currently a need for additional assistance and funding for the upkeep and maintenance of the facility.

Problem areas:

  • Roof leak assessment and repair  
  • Electrical assessment and possible rewiring for safety reasons
  • Painting of the outside walls



  • toiletries – toothpaste, tooth brush, roll on/deodorant, soap, sanitary pads, shampoo
  • pyjamas/nighties, slippers (all sizes)
  • bath towels, facecloths


  • baby soap
  • baby wipes
  • baby lotion
  • shampoo
  • bum cream
  • baby powder
  • nappies – sizes 1 – 3
  • baby blankets
  • bottles
  • milk formula – infacare
  • baby clothing: 0-3 months and 3 – 6 months


  • Groceries – non-perishables eg. oats, weet-bix, jam, peanut butter, pasta, rice, bake beans, sweetcorn, tuna/sardines, etc.
  • Sponsors for meat: chicken, mince, hamburger patties, sausages, etc.

Help us heal through love.

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